Happening right now: tax reform is moving forward!

Oct 27th, 2017

This budget never balances, and it adds $5.5 trillion--nearly double the amount added by the House-passed budget--to the national debt over the next decade. In fact, this is the fourth budget in the last seven years that never balances.Read More
FEA Letter to Senate Finance Committee

Aug 4th, 2017

The proposal to fully expense real estate improvements in the year of acquisition, with an unlimited carryforward, provides a tremendous incentive at acquisition for a taxpayer to inflate the value of improvements, so as to maximize the write-off. ConverRead More
Even the House Freedom Caucus Opposes Full Expensing

Jun 9th, 2017

The White House is starting the next phase of its tax reform push with the expected launch of a formal set of listening sessions with industry groups.  Members of the House Freedom Caucus called on congressional leaders Friday to introduce a formal...Read More
WP Explains the Impossible Math of Trump Budget

May 24th, 2017

"What the budget proposal does, Furman said, is include the expected gains from the tax cuts without accounting for the losses. In other words, if the tax plan is revenue-neutral, there would be $2 trillion in additional revenue from economic growth...Read More