Highly effective ways to get your message to your representatives

There are many effective ways to make your voice heard in Congress such as sharing the message via social media, calling your representative and posting the SaveThe1031 badge on your website!

Start by Providing Your Zip Code
This info is used to look up your representatives

Follow the conversations on Twitter.


Add a SaveThe1031 badge to your website

Simply copy and paste the one of the following lines of code to your website

Complete Option

<a href="http://www.savethe1031.org/fp-cubadge1"><img src="http://media.savethe1031.org/badges/1.gif" alt="Save the 1031 Exchange" border="0" /></a>

Compact Option

<a href="http://www.savethe1031.org/fp-cubadge2"><img src="http://media.savethe1031.org/badges/2.gif" alt="Save the 1031 Exchange" border="0" /></a>