Let's multiply our impact by 3x! We've already sent over 58,000 letters sent to Congress!

Jan 18th, 2017

First of all we want to say Congratulations, because over the past four weeks you have sent over 58,000 letters to your representatives and senators in Congress, telling them to #StopBillionaireBailouts, because enough is enough!

We are now delivering 3,000–4,500 new letters to Congress every day! These letters have so far been sent from individuals in over 5,100 cities throughout the United States.

Secondly, we think your efforts deserve a big thank-you from us, so here it is: THANK YOU! We are hearing from people in Washington, DC that the your impact is being felt, and quite honestly this movement is just getting started!

Lastly, with your help we can quickly multiply our impact by 3x! We are asking you to please share www.SaveThe1031.org with at least three (3) people today. Ask them to use our form to send a letter to their representative and senators in Congress, telling them to #StopBillionaireBailouts.