Over 10,000 Individuals Have Sent Letters to Congress!

Jan 10th, 2017

Thanks to you, we have now delivered individuals letters on behalf of over 10,000 unique voters to their representatives and senators in Congress! We have also recently received word that our collective voice is starting to be heard on the Hill.


Who We Are

We thought it would be interesting to provide a breakdown of who we are. The largest percentage of us so far (33%) would be affected by the loss of the 1031 Exchange and business interest deduction simply as taxpayers. This group is followed closely by home owners, at 31%. A much smaller segment of us (15%) opted to send the default letter. 7% of us would be impacted as investors, 5% as business owners, 277 of us would be most impacted by this as employees, 92 of us so far would be impacted in our capacity as farmers, 62 as securities representatives, 47 as accommodators, 13 as business brokers, 11 as REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or LPs (Limited Partnerships), and 2 of us so far are concerned as equipment rental companies.


Who is Save the 1031?